Pronouns are words used to refer to a person other than their name. When a trans person comes out, they may have new pronouns they want to use.

TheyShe, and He are all examples of common pronouns. Some people also prefer less common pronouns. TheyXe, and Ey are a few common gender neutral pronouns.

There are lots of reasons it’s important to use a person’s correct pronouns, but the simple answer is that it can cultivate a safer, more affirming environment for people of all genders AND is a sign of respect!

Below are a few resources you might find helpful:
• GLSEN: Pronoun Resource Guide & Be an Ally to Trans and GNC Students
• Minus18: Pronoun Video
• Trans Student Educational Resources (TSER): Gender Unicorn Infographic
Neopronoun (gender neutral pronoun) Guide

Here is a handy guide featuring a number of different pronouns:

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